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In popular culture, a great amount of focus is placed on the Illuminati’s belief that money is not evil. Some view our encouragement of work and wealth as a promotion of selfishness – overlooking the true meaning of the Pyramid and its underlying messages that motivate our diligence. In the tenets of the Illuminati, wealth is not simply a means of personal enrichment. Instead, money is a tool that can be used to fulfill each person’s duty to the advancement of the human species.


The term Illuminati belongs to two different groups: the Rose Cross(AMORC), formed more than two centuries ago as a secret society aimed at undermining corrupt governments, the Rose Cross practice is called Rosicrucianism, and the religious intolerance that dominated society especially Europe at that time. Today, the Rose Cross-linked is to the New World Order(ILLUMINATI), the alleged underground totalitarian Society of Noble Men of good faith that conspiracy theorists believe is controlling the world.


It was created as a Masonic group in 1776 by German philosopher Adam Weishaupt, Our founding father, with the intention of liberating humanity from all forms of political, mental, and physical bondage. As the name implies, we are intent on guiding noble members towards enlightenment but found society was restricted by those in power who wished to maintain control and did not care about individuals’ well-being. Having recognized the corruption of politicians and nobility and how organized religion held back science and spiritual development, we set out set out to rid the world of these subjugation.

Illuminati Money
Money is merely paper and numbers that are traded for a person’s time and effort. Therefore if a person does not have money, they can instead use their time and efforts to further the advancement of humanity – positive actions that are of equal value to any charitable donations.

The selfish pursuit of money is a hollow goal, but the pursuit of the goodness that money can create is one of humanity’s greatest responsibilities.

The more money a person owns, the more ability they have to positively change the lives of those who are in need.
If you are poor and of good heart, and your friend’s house is burned in a fire, you will remain a good person but have no ability to help them with what they need the most. If the same house burns but you are rich, you can give your friend a place to stay and a new home because you have more than enough for yourself and anyone around you who needs it
Money has no feeling, no voice, and no soul – its choice between good or evil is decided by those who use it.
Though it is not wrong to be poor, the celebration of poverty is rooted in selfishness. A person who is poor can save a life, but a person who is rich can build a hospital and save ten thousand. The poor can do little to help the poor, but the rich can help as many as they are able. If a person is rich, they have the opportunity.
To do good, but if they are poor they are unable to help anyone but themselves. Those with little can still do much. The greater a person’s fortune, the greater their responsibility to their fellow humans. Like the Pyramid, those with the greatest power can do the greatest good for the largest number of those below them.