The Maze Of Existence

The Maze

Of Existence

Life is a map that is drawn by your decisions. Every day, the maze of existence presents you with hundreds of pathways and you must select a direction through your choices. How will you spend your time? Where will you go? Who will you speak to? What will you say? Each decision leads to a different road with its own set of questions.

Your ability to discern between the simplest choices can mean the difference between a life of wealth or poverty, sickness or health, conflict or peace. A small decision that you make today may be the catalyst that sends you on the road to your goals — though you will never know how important this choice is until you reach the end and look back.

The map of a life can only be followed backwards, showing the path from the end to the beginning.

When making life’s important choices, a person’s actions rely upon their judgment: the internal compass formed by their knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Judgement works like a muscle that must be exercised with endless curiosity and a desire to understand this universe’s deepest mysteries.

Many seek a reward before they have prepared to receive it. A gambler can suddenly obtain a fortune but lose it all because he did not have the knowledge of how to save it. An artist can become an overnight superstar but find herself trapped in scandals because she did not take the time to gain experience while she was still unknown. A president can gain the highest power but find that the pyramid’s top is a lonely place if he lacks the wisdom to choose honest advisors. If you seek greatness, is it not better to spend your time preparing for it instead of simply thinking of how much you deserve it? If you cannot learn to manage your life with a little, how can you expect to manage it with a lot? Spend every waking hour in pursuit of your goals and every minute between in search of the knowledge you will need when you finally reach them. Greatness has no destination. Its road must be travelled endlessly to be understood. In the busyness of life, it is easy to forget the lessons that have been learned and to lose sight of your goals. In Illuminati tradition, our members find constant guidance in the messages of our symbols. Many who have found success by following our tenets voluntarily incorporate our symbology into their artwork, architecture, and design. By scattering our messages throughout society, members can never forget the purpose of their lives, and even the lost can be led to the truth. The Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle that form the Illuminati’s insignia serve as reminders of concepts that have guided humans for millennia. By signing the Eternal Oath, our members discover the power that hides inside their own resolutions – and by placing our signatures beneath its vows, we form a constant, physical bond between ourselves and humanity.


The power of a ritual is not found in its movements but rather in the state of mind that results in its participants. When facing important decisions, our members call upon the knowledge and wisdom they have gained through our traditions to find the steps they must take to achieve greatness.

Wherever you are in your journey — and however dark the road may seem — know that the knowledge you have stored throughout life will be your lantern for the path ahead.

Pilots rely on the accuracy of their instruments to choose the safest route. Humans rely on the accuracy of their judgement to choose the path for their lives. Seek knowledge, wisdom, and experience to sharpen your mind’s instrument so that the road to your goals will prepare you for your destination. An investment in knowledge is the safest of life’s gambles. ▲

The Eternal Oath of the Illuminati

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